Redfish Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay

Redfish in Tampa Bay’s inshore waters make great catches for anglers regardless of experience. You’ll find the largest of these feisty and formidable fish inshore and nearshore. A relative of the Black Drum, Redfish have a unique ability to smell their prey, as opposed to relying solely on sight.

Redfish make great catches, and they’re one of the most popular game fish in Tampa. They can weigh up to 12 pounds and live for 40 years, and these fish are prime fighters. You’ll never see a dull moment during your search for these magnificent creatures. You can now experience Redfish fishing charters in Tampa Bay with Aquatic Escapes.

Redfish Fishing Basics

Catching Redfish is a breeze when you know where to look, how they search for prey, and what they like to eat. Redfish like to stay in underwater grass, and you’ll find them easy to spot in shallow waters, depending on the tide. Redfish like to eat shellfish but won’t hesitate to take a chunk off a larger fish that passes by them.

Depending on the location, Redfish range in size from 14 to 35 inches long. Bigger and more mature Redfish prefer deeper waters, while younger fish breed in shallow water.

Captain Jarrod takes you to the best fishing spots to find Redfish, where he guides you on everything from bait to gear. If you’re a professional angler, you can explore new areas or invite your fishing buddies for a great time out. At Aquatic Escapes, we offer fun, fast-paced, and exciting Redfish fishing charters in Tampa Bay that delight you and your guests.

Territory and Fishing 

Although Redfish prey on smaller species, they are also food for dolphins and other larger aquatic predators. To stay safe, these fish prefer to stay near structures to hide and find crabs and shrimp to eat. During your charter trip, we take you to the best spots and structures where Redfish like to hide and help you make the perfect catch.

You don’t need a massive rod or line when you want to catch a Redfish. Before starting your trip, you can always reach out to Captain Jarrod, who will happily answer your questions about the right equipment. The goal of the charter fishing experience is to help you and your group catch Redfish in a safe and fun environment.

Even if you have no experience, our Redfish fishing charters in Tampa offer you or your group the perfect way to unwind, hone your fishing skills, and focus on your trip.  

With our reasonable rates and our love for all things fishing, we make sure you have a fantastic experience and a day full of surprises and action.

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