Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay has over 400 miles of pristine estuary habitats, making it one of the best places to fish in Florida. Rich with aquatic life that thrives within the countless rivers, you’ll have an unforgettable adventure in Tampa’s beautiful waters.

The best way to take advantage of the fishing experience if you don’t have a boat is to hire an inshore fishing charter. You’ll get up close and personal with diverse aquatic life, with the bonus of beautiful scenery. Inshore fishing charters in Tampa help you catch game fish species like Tarpon and Snook, along with over a dozen species of shark, such as blacktip and bonnethead.

At Aquatic Escapes, we offer thrilling inshore fishing charters with the guidance of an expert captain. We take you to the best and most plentiful fishing spots in the area, where you can load up on fish and even bait. The shallow inshore waters make fishing in Tampa Bay ideal for experienced anglers as well as beginners, and the abundance of fish ensures a successful fishing trip.

We make sure that every experience is fun and unique for you, your team, or your family and friends.

The Tampa Bay Experience

Our Tampa Bay fishing charters offer more than your average fishing trip. We provide fun and informative tours that give you an up-close and personal look at the breathtaking ecological scenery that Tampa Bay has in store. From dense, lush mangroves to grass flats teeming with life, we’ll make sure that your experience in Tampa Bay’s waters becomes a fond memory to cherish. 

Depending on the season when you book your fishing charter, you could make multiple catches in one trip. Since Tampa Bay has so much to offer for anglers, you’ll never see a dull moment in these waters. Depending on the trip, we can target the following fish species:

  • Redfish
  • Snook
  • Snapper
  • Trout
  • Grouper
  • Spanish mackerel

Whether you’re a Tampa Bay local or an out-of-state visitor, we offer informative and fun trips that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Inshore Fishing Charters for All Anglers

At Aquatic Escapes, we maximize your fishing experience by guiding you to the best spots to find your next catch. Depending on group size and the trip type, we plan the experience from the minute you set foot on the boat.

Inshore fishing charters in Tampa are exciting, fun, and fruitful for all anglers. Regardless of how much experience you have, you’re sure to make multiple catches and enjoy your charter year-round.

Captain Jarrod makes sure that you and your party are comfortable and safe from the time you leave dry land to the moment you return. He offers his insight and expert advice as a lifelong lover of fishing to help you and your guests make the most of your time.

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