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Inshore Fishing Trips

Inshore fishing trips will focus on the grass flats, mangroves, bridges, docks and rock piles, in Tampa Bay.
Depending on weather, tides and target species, we will fish from the bay inlet (by St Pete and Anna Marie Island) to the channels in Tampa Harbor.
Trips can target Redfish, Snook, Trout, Snapper/Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel and Grouper. (depends on the time of year)

Inshore trips come with a No Fish Guarantee.
No Fish = No Pay

Half Day – 4hrs

1-2 Anglers – $450

Each Additional Angler +$100

(Max 6) – (Gratuity Not Included)

3/4 Day – 6hrs

1-2 Anglers – $600

Each Additional Angler +$100

(Max 6) – (Gratuity Not Included)

Full Day – 8hrs

1-2 Anglers – $750

Each Additional Angler +$100

(Max 6) – (Gratuity Not Included)

Sport Fishing Trips

Fishing trips in Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, targeting larger sport fish.
Targeting larger sport fish can be slow and calm. When a sport fish bites, its utter chaos and extreme fun! Some Sharks and Tarpon have no food value, but are the most highly prized sport fish target in Tampa Bay Florida, which can only mean one thing… Their action is legendary! There is no better action in sunny Florida, than a Black Tip or Tarpon catapulting into the air and long screaming drag runs!

All rates are based on a max of 4 anglers.

Shark – 6hrs

Shark Charters are offered during the day or night, inshore and offshore. These trips DO NOT include the fish guarantee that inshore trips do.


(Gratuity Not Included)

Tarpon – 6hrs

Tarpon Charters are offered from May thru July during their migration period. These trips DO NOT include the fish guarantee that inshore trips do.


(Gratuity Not Included)

King Fish – 6hrs

King Fish Charters are offered in the spring and fall, during their migration period. These trips DO NOT include the fish guarantee that Inshore Charter trips do.


(Gratuity Not Included)

Large Parties & Corporate Events

Looking for some healthy team building events? Looking to impress a client?
Aquatic Escapes is partnered with other local charter captains in the Tampa Bay area.
If you have a large party, we can set up a large trip with multiple boats and multiple captains. We can even organize a mini tournament or contest between your guests.

(Pictures below from a 12 person work outing. 3 Boats, 3 Captains, 12 Happy Clients.)

Call For Pricing and Availability

Beach/Sandbar Parties

Looking to swim and play in the bay??? No problem!
Tampa Bay has many different locations for relaxing on the water.  Charter Aquatic Escapes to bring you to one of our favorite spots and party with other boaters in the area.  Each of these spots are loaded with boats, jetski’s, kayaks and you can’t get to these spots from land. Come enjoy some fun in the sun, with your toes in the sand and salt in your hair.

Each of these trips can be Family Friendly.

All rates are based on a max of 6 people.

Beer Can Island / Alafia River – 5 Hours

BCI is in the northern part of the bay, just southeast of Mac Dill Air Force base. It is a short 15-25 minute ride from the dock, allowing you to maximize your beach time. The Alafia River provides loads of fun for a day on the water. There are sandbars to hit, bars to hop, sights to see and if you upgrade to tubing… there is plenty to do on the river.


(Gratuity Not Included)

Egmont Key – 6 Hours

With fantastic beaches and crystal water, Egmont Key is a must visit. It is a longer ride (45-60 minutes), but if the weather will allow, it is amazing!


(Gratuity Not Included)

Beer Can Island / Downtown Tampa – 5 Hours

This package includes all the fun of BCI and the added bonus of a tour in downtown Tampa. This is the perfect trip for some fun in the sun, sand in your toes and sight seeing. You will see where the Tampa Bay Lightning play and much more!


(Gratuity Not Included)

Bachelor & Bachelorette Cruises

If you are looking for Bachelor or Bachelorette ideas in Tampa Bay, AE can provide something very fun and memorable on the water. We can accommodate groups of any size, with multiple boats and captains.  We can take your group fishing or to an island paradise where you can bask in the sun and tweak to your favorite music. We will do whatever boating activities your group wants to do: fishing, sandbar, island hopping, tubing in the river, sunset…

We will help you remember your last days of freedom!

Call For Pricing and Availability

Additional Cruises & Tours

Don’t want to fish?!? Aquatic Escapes still has something just for you! From sunset tours of Apollo Beach and Dolphins Cruises, to Captain for Hire; where Captain Jarrod will join you on your boat and show you things around Tampa Bay. No matter your flavor, Aquatic Escapes has something for you.

Call For Pricing and Availability


Gratuities are never expected, but greatly appreciated!
If the captain did a good job, made the trip enjoyable and you had a good time, you might consider rewarding those efforts. 15%-25% is industry standard.

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