Tampa Bay Kingfish Fishing Charters

If you want to add some fun in the sun to your trip to Tampa Bay, Florida, look no further than taking a Kingfish Fishing trip with Aquatic Escapes. We are Tampa’s premier charter fishing and tour company, and we provide our guests with a chance to reel in some of the titans of the Gulf.  Captain Jarrod will work with you to hone your skills and help you catch the fish of your dreams.

Kingfish Fishing

Kingfish are one of the Sunshine State’s premium catches. This species is a speedy fish that can give you a run for your money, and reeling them in is quite the rush! Catching a Kingfish is a considerable achievement, and it takes a mixture of skill and dexterity to catch one.

These big beasts weigh anywhere from 15 to 40 pounds, and you can lure them in with a hearty mixture of fresh chum in the water. At Aquatic Escapes, our team can show you exactly where to look for the elusive Kingfish, and we will certainly help you go home with a trophy.

Kingfish Season

Kingfish are somewhat migratory, and their schools are generally near Tampa Bay in the Spring and Fall. The low season is between December to February, but there are still some Kingfish out there for the taking.

Even if you come during the slow season, there are still many more fish out there for the taking. And since Tampa Bay is tropical, you can expect nice weather while you’re out on the water.

Best Way to Catch Kingfish

You can try a handful of ways to catch Kingfish, and which one works best will depend on the season and your skill level. Our team will assess the situation and tell you which methods will be most effective.

The combination of slow trolling and live chumming is an excellent way to catch Kingfish, as the bait will lure the Kingfish up to the surface for easier capture. Although you’ll likely come in contact with more Kingfish using a fast trolling method, it might be harder to pull them in.

Kite-fishing is another popular way of catching Kingfish, but it requires some skill and has a learning curve. Nevertheless, we are happy to show you the ropes!

Why Fish with Us?

We offer services and trips for novices, experts, and everyone in between. Our goal is that you have a good day out at sea and maybe make a catch or two.

Professionalism and experience are the names of the game at Aquatic Escapes.  We work with you in advance to discover what you’re looking to accomplish and tailor the trip specifically for you. Whether you’re planning on heading out to sea on a solo trip, or as part of a larger group, Aquatic Escapes can help you plan out the ideal journey.

If you’re ready to climb aboard and try your hand at catching Kingfish, contact us at 813-997-9897. Let us make your trip to Tampa Bay as memorable as possible.

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