Captain Jarrod

Captain Jarrod Wallach is a second generation captain. Born in New York and transplanted to Florida in 2014. Owner of iR Marketing and Aquatic Escapes, Fishing Charters and Tours.

From as early as I can remember, my dad had me on a boat with a fishing rod in my hands. At first, I was simply excited to have bait on my hook and hang with my dad. As I grew up the fish got bigger and bigger… and I was hooked!

Growing up in New York, we would fish for Fluke, Flounder, Strippers & Cod in the winter. We would also enter the occasional shark fishing tournament. Fishing was, and still remains, a huge part of my life and it gave my father and I the time we needed to bond, before he unexpectedly left us in 2006.

Captain Jarrod Wallach

Since moving to Florida in 2014, I have been fishing this fishery with friends and competing in local tournaments. From King of the Beach, a well known Offshore King Fish tournament, to a local firefighter charity tournament.

Captain Irwin Wallach 1955 – 2006

In 2018, I went to Sea School to become a captain. After graduating, I purchased my boat and here we are. Living the dream!

It was always my father’s dream to retire and use his captains license to open a charter business. Every day, I strive to keep his legacy alive. It is my dream, to have that same experience with my daughter, while helping other families experience the water, as I once did, as a boy, with my father.

My favorite fish to catch in New York, was definitely Blue Fish! Pound for pound, the best fight to find. In Florida, my favorite fish, has to be Red Fish. There is nothing like their hard slam & drag screaming runs.

The fish itself, is beautiful, and everyone has different spots. Will your next redfish have 1 giant spot, 2 spots or 10?

Now that you know more about me, lets book your next Aquatic Escape!

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