Grouper Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay

Do you want to catch a fish that will put up a fun fight and taste great? Grouper makes for one of the most thrilling fishing experiences in Tampa Bay. 

Grouper fishing season fluctuates yearly. We’re on the water all year long, so we stay up to date on the species you can keep. Sign up for one of our grouper fishing charters to find out what’s in season.

About Grouper Fishing

The gag grouper is one of the most sought-after catches. They are aggressive, and they put up a hard fight. They also eat almost anything, from small fish to crabs and shrimp. They go after live bait quickly, and sometimes you can get away with using a butterfly jig or bucktail jig.

You can find grouper fish in deeper water in warm months and shallow water during cooler months. At Aquatic Escapes, we understand the art of grouper fishing. These fish love to feed around a structure, so let Captain Jarrod lead you right to their spot. 

Some of the fish you may catch on your grouper fishing charters include:

  • Black grouper. These are one of the bigger types of grouper, weighing up to 100 pounds.
  • Gag grouper. Gag grouper looks like black grouper, but are slightly smaller.
  • Goliath Grouper. Goliath grouper is the largest member of the family. They can weigh over 800 pounds and fight hard when you hook them. However, you cannot keep these fish, as they are a protected species.

Tampa Grouper Fishing Charters

Grouper regulations constantly change. For this reason, it is important to go on grouper fishing charters with a knowledgeable crew. Our Tampa crew knows the rules, so you don’t have to worry about them. 

This experience is unforgettable, whether you are a veteran or novice fisher. Grouper fish are fighters, and the thrill of securing one is unmatched. We’ve been catching huge grouper for years, and we rarely return empty-handed. 

You can enjoy fishing for sport with Aquatic Escapes at any time of year. Contact us to schedule a fishing charter or tour.

Fish with Aquatic Escapes

We know how to have fun, catch fish, and stay safe. Grouper fishing is one of our specialties. Since they range in size, they are great for anglers with any level of experience. Our grouper fishing charters know how to find the best grouper fishing in Tampa Bay. 

Snap a picture with your fish and let it go or save it to prepare later. Either way, Aquatic Escapes provides a simple process for getting out into the water and reeling in fish. We provide:

  • A licensed and experienced fishing captain
  • The latest fishing and safety equipment 
  • Amenities such as coolers, live wells, and sound system

Grouper season is a busy one, so reserve your grouper fishing charters with Aquatic Escapes today.

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